Welcome to website design...just for workroom professionals!

With Pufferfish Design, you get the fabulous look of a true custom website without the prohibitive cost of custom, and you get it almost immediately! Each website made with Pufferfish Design is a unique creation that expresses the personality of your business. With all of the style and color choices, your site will not be a cookie-cutter template. You may upload your own logo and create a matching color scheme to give it that extra personal touch, or use our innovative logo design tool, which creates a logo that changes to complement any color scheme!

You really can try before you buy with Pufferfish Design. Unlike offers from other companies, this is not a tricky "free trial" that must be canceled before your credit card gets billed. Your billing information is not even collected until you are completely ready to subscribe. To try out the system, you first build your whole website in as little as 10 minutes. If you are unsure about ordering, simply save your trial site for later. You can return to it and play with the tools and even upload pictures before you make a decision to sign up.